Kittiwake/Gander-New-Wes-Valley Region, Newfoundland

The Kittiwake/Gander – New-Wes-Valley region is located in the north eastern coast of insular Newfoundland and Labrador. This region is delineated by the Regional Economic Development Zone (Kittiwake) and the provincial Rural Secretariat region (Gander – New-Wes -Valley), which have closely overlapping jurisdictions.  There are 119 communities (six of which have a population of over 2,000) and a population of approximately 46,000 spanning over about 14,000 square kilometres of land (Kittiwake Strategic Economic Plan, 2009, p.11).  The zone also includes three island municipalities accessible only by boat (St. Brendan’s, Town of Fogo Island and Change Islands) and two of nine Newfoundland Mi’kmaw bands are located within the Kittiwake zone (Gander Bay and Glenwood). The Kittiwake economic zone includes three distinct eco-regions: the interior central Newfoundland forest, coastal north shore forests and eastern hyper-oceanic barrens (NL 2006).  Fishing, Retail salespersons, clerks & cashiers, Clerical occupations, Management, and Fish processing workers are the region’s most common occupations (Community Accounts, 2006 census).

In 2009, this region was involved in a community-based research project that sought to better understand regional and community planning, particularly issues around plan implementation.   This project was a partnership between the provincial Rural Secretariat – Executive Council and Memorial University together with Kittiwake Economic Development Corporation (KEDC), the Department of Innovation Trade and Rural Development (INTRD) and members of the communities involved. Kittiwake/Gander – New-Wes-Valley was selected as a part of the Canadian Regional Development project because evidence demonstrates there is considerable variability in sub-regional planning characteristics and capacities, as well as a keen interest amongst community leaders and regional government in regional development processes. The research generated through this region in partnership with KEDC and others will be relevant in exploring concepts of New Regionalism both in theory and practice.

Kittiwake/Gander-New-Wes-Valley Project Resources


Gander River Boats (Daniels, 2011)
Main Point, Gander Bay (Daniels, 2011)
Fair Island, Bonavista Bay (Daniels, 2010)